"BEST I"  -  A Patented Technology   - a long-term environmental friendly  



 A persistently faster & stronger ignition spark energy

            Improve fuel combustion efficiency & Minimize exhaust emissions

           Enhance driving comfort & safety 


Upgrade vehicle performance & fuel economy    





"BEST I"  patented ignition component 

as a direct replacement of conventional ignition component : 


1) "BEST I" ignition cable assembly 


2) "BEST I" COP Insulator


3) "BEST I" COP CAP Insert


4) "BEST I" Plug Coil COP 




 "BEST I" Ignition Specialist - Upgrade Engine Performance & Problem Solving


Solve the problem of high fuel consumption 


Solve problem of lack of vehicle power


Solve problem of un-burnt gasoline


Solve problem of premature failure of Coil / Spark Plug / Catalytic Converter  


Solve problem of retarded engine response 


Solve problem of loss of driving comfort & safety






Benefits : 

Fuel economy


Enhance driving comfort & safety


Instant engine response


Quicker acceleration 


Improved uphill power 


Smooth & quiet idling   


Minimize engine vibration 


Minimize exhaust emissions   


Minimize smell of un-burnt gasoline 


Maximize performance of Ignition Coil / Spark Plug / Catalytic Converter 


Minimize risk of engine over-hauling





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Refund & Returns

1.  We do a complete quality inspection before deliver your product. However, in case of product faulty and or not fit to use, all our products come with 14-day warranty from the product delivery date.

2. Items that are qualify for refund/exchange are those that was due to our negligence i.e sending the wrong products or product which has different specification from what you have ordered. If the product faulty, please capture a clear picture, WhatsApp or Email to us. Original packing in its original condition is required. Any used, scratches or damages caused by own careless will not be accepted.

3. If product exchange request was due to customer handling mistakes, the request will be subjected to admin's approval provided that the item is still is its original conditions. 

4. Product Warranty :

a) A limited 30-Days warranty

b) The "Product" that claimed to be defective must be returned to the place of original purchase, with the proof of purchase. Upon assessment, the Company will, at its opinion, replace or repair the merchandise proved defective in materials and / or workmanship during the warranty period.

c) The warranty covers replacement of the "Product" only.

d) The warranty applies on the following conditions: - - The "Product" is working with the resistor-type (R-type) Spark Plug;  -- Solely on the original purchaser of the "Product" being installed on the vehicle it was originally installed;  -- Proper handling of the "Product" during installation and removal processes.

e) The warranty does not include or apply to the following conditions : --- Other incidental or consequential claims for labour or replacement of other parts; --- Premature failure of adjacent components; --- The "Product" being altered or tempered, improperly installed / maintained, or damaged by accident / negligence / misuse;  --- The responsibility on any injury, property damage or other consequential damage arising directly or indirectly from improper handling of the "Product"; --- Damage to the "Product" resulting from overheating, oil leaks or battery acid. 

5. Purchased item that will not qualify for refund/exchange if customer refused to follow supplier's recommendation on trouble shooting to solve its existing vehicle problem that affecting proper performance of the purchased item.