"BEST I"  -  A Patented Technology   - a long-term environmental friendly  



 A persistently faster & stronger ignition spark energy

            Improve fuel combustion efficiency & Minimize exhaust emissions

           Enhance driving comfort & safety 


Upgrade vehicle performance & fuel economy    





"BEST I"  patented ignition component 

as a direct replacement of conventional ignition component : 


1) "BEST I" ignition cable assembly 


2) "BEST I" COP Insulator


3) "BEST I" COP CAP Insert


4) "BEST I" Plug Coil COP 




 "BEST I" Ignition Specialist - Upgrade Engine Performance & Problem Solving


Solve the problem of high fuel consumption 


Solve problem of lack of vehicle power


Solve problem of un-burnt gasoline


Solve problem of premature failure of Coil / Spark Plug / Catalytic Converter  


Solve problem of retarded engine response 


Solve problem of loss of driving comfort & safety






Benefits : 

Fuel economy


Enhance driving comfort & safety


Instant engine response


Quicker acceleration 


Improved uphill power 


Smooth & quiet idling   


Minimize engine vibration 


Minimize exhaust emissions   


Minimize smell of un-burnt gasoline 


Maximize performance of Ignition Coil / Spark Plug / Catalytic Converter 


Minimize risk of engine over-hauling





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About Us






We are an ignition specialist with patented "BEST I" ignition component to provide a persistently faster & stronger ignition spark energy to improve the fuel combustion efficiency and engine performance,  being proved with successful performance track records including racing events (e.g. Drift / Drag / Endurance), police patrol vehicles, LPG driven taxi, Hybrid and or Turbo engines.  We can help if your vehicles has the following problems:

1) high fuel consumption

2) retarded engine response

3) poor speed pick up performance

4) inferior uphill power

5) excessive smell of un-burnt gasoline and exhaust emissions

6) loss of driving comfort and safety

7) premature failure of Coil, Spark Plug and Catalytic Converter 



"BEST I“ ignition component use an inert non-metallic fibre conductor in a straight alignment form as a direct replacement of conventional ignition component's spiraled metallic wire conductor to  provide a persistently faster & stronger ignition spark energy, and to overcome the drawbacks of corrosive and thermo-oxidative degradation of the conventional metallic wire conductor after being suffered from prolong performance aging.  It is therefore :


"BEST I" forms an economical, and efficient fundamental  solution to:

a) reinstate or upgrade vehicle's original designated fuel combustion efficiency and engine performance of a prolong performance aged vehicle

  b) monitoring control to prevent creation of excessive exhaust emissions associated with the corrosive and thermo-oxidative degraded metallic wire conductor embedded inside a conventional ignition component;

c) other benefits including fuel economy, energy reservation of using low grade fuel (e.g. 95) as a direct replacement of high grade fuel (e.g. 97) without significant adverse effect on engine performance, instant engine response, quiet and smooth idling, minimize engine vibration, quicker acceleration and improved vehicle uphill power,  enhance driving comfort and safety, as well as to minimize the engine maintenance cost with maximizing the service life and performance of Coil / Spark Plug / Catalytic Converter.



"BEST I" patented ignition component for an internal combustion engine equipped with various types of ignition systems:

Products demonstration refer to Index of facebook page photo albums : 

1) “BEST I” Ignition Cable Assembly :  as a direct replacement of conventional ignition cable assembly for Fuel Injection, Advanced Injection system, and Coil-near-Plug Direct Injection.

             Remark: Cable color: blue or red;  Cable O.D. :8mm; Rubber plug boot color : blue or black


2) “BEST I” COP Insulator : as a direct replacement of conventional COP Insulator of a Detachable-insulator type COP for Advanced Injection system and Coil-on-Plug Direct Injection

            Remark: COP Insulator color : blue or black 


3) “BEST I” COP CAP Insert:  as a direct replacement of conventional metal spring conductor of a Pencil Coil or Stick-type COP for Coil-on-Plug Direct Injection


4) “BEST I” Plug Coil COP: as a direct replacement of both the Stick-type COP and Detachable-insulator type COP for Coil-on-Plug Direct Injection or Coil-over-Plug Direct Injection

            Remark:  COP Insulator color: blue or black;  Coil color: green or black



"BEST I" product demonstration refers to the following lists of  Facebook photo albums :

1) "BEST I" Power Leads or Ignition Components to upgrade vehicle performance

2) "BEST I" Cable to upgrade Coil / Distributor Fuel Injection or "BEST I" Ignition Cable Assembly

3) "BEST I" COP Insulator to upgrade Detachable-insulator type COP

4) "BEST I" COP CAP Insert to upgrade Pencil Coil performance

5) "BEST I" Plug Coil to upgrade Coil-on-Plug COP Direct Injection

6) "BEST I"
Dyno Testing & Fuel Economy Case Study

7) Upgrade VW / Audi / Skoda with "BEST I“

8) Upgrade Toyota with "BEST I“

9) Upgrade Honda with "BEST I“

10) Upgrade Nissan with "BEST I“

11) Upgrade Daihatsu / Perodua with "BEST I“

12) Upgrade Mitsubisi / Lotus CAMPRO / Proton with "BEST I“

13) Upgrade Motorcycle with "BEST I“

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